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Optical Pulse Generators

Lumeras offers a variety of fiber-coupled and free-space products for the generation and manipulation of nanosecond optical pulses across the visible and infra-red (IR) spectral region.  The PLG-1 series are fully-integrated desktop sources that can include internal triggering and temperature control.  The PLG-2 series include a fiber amplifier.  A fully-functional board-level PLC is also available for OEM integration.

UV Laser Systems

Lumeras' proprietary solid-state nonlinear frequency conversion techniques enable pulsed, single-frequency sources of ultraviolet (210-nm to 360-nm) and deep ultraviolet (190-nm to 210-nm) light with Watt-scale average powers and flexible pulse formats.

Fiber Amplifiers

Lumeras manufactures PM fiber amplifier modules for the generation of medium (<10W) and high (>20W) average powers in the wavelength range 1000-nm to 1100-nm. Large-mode-area fibers minimize nonlinearities and enable high peak pulsed powers, with high extinction ratios and low ASE background contribution.

VUV Laser Systems

Compact and coherent line sources for the generation of mW-average powers at photon energies >10eV, with ultra-narrow-band spectra.  The VUV-1 series operate at low repetition rates (sub-100 Hz), while the VUV-2 series are quasi-cw systems with MHz repetition rates.


As of 25 August 2018, Lumeras' VUV product line has been transferred to Oxide Corporation.

Custom Light Sources

​Lumeras customizes many of our optical generation hardware to meet the unique requirements of a variety of demanding scientific and industrial applications.  Contact us to discuss how we may enable your optical and vacuum needs!

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